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Product Overview

The PowerPICC SOLO*2 catheter is a universal catheter solution designed for IV fluid and blood administration, power injection, and saline care and maintenance.

Power. The Power of Purple*

The Efficiency of Power Injection for Contrast Enhanced CT Scans and PICC Therapy.

  • Maximum Injection Rates -
    allows injection of contrast media for CECT scans at a maximum rate of 5 ml/sec
  • Easy Identification -
    Power Injectable PICC catheters are clearly labeled to differentiate them from all non-power injectable PICCs
  • Reverse Taper Design -
    gently plugs the insertion site and provides superior kink resistance
  • Patient Satisfaction -
    improves patient comfort due to decreased needle sticks
  • CVP Monitoring -
    all PowerPICC SOLO*2 catheters are indicated for central venous pressure monitoring
  • Extension Set -
    for the PowerPICC SOLO*2 catheter allows clinicians to obtain CVP reading similar to those obtained through open-ended PICCs
  • Extension Set

Saline. The Simplicity of Saline

The Simplicity of Saline Care and Maintenance Through Innovative Valve Technology.

  • Simplified Care and Maintenance -
    recommended weekly maintenance is reduced to a single saline flush
  • Continuum of Care -
    same flushing protocol for hospital and home health
  • Saline Care and Maintenance
  • Fewer Complications -
    limits risk associated with heparin use (HIT)
  • Reduced Blood Reflux -
    compared to open-ended catheters
  • Reduced Costs -
    decreases PICC associated heparin costs
  • Clamp Free Infusion Therapy -
    valve eliminates the need for clamps
  • Superior Clearance -
    valve clears after recommended saline flush

PowerPICC SOLO*2 Catheter Valves

One. One Valve. One PICC*

The Versatility of One PICC Designed to Meet a Variety of Clinician and Patient Needs.

  • Simplified Flushing -
    recommended weekly maintenance is reduced to a single flush
  • Continuum of Care -
    standardizes care and maintenance for hospital and home health
  • Broad Vascular Access Needs -
    designed for multiple clinical conditions across the hospital
  • Multiple Indications -
    allows IV fluid and blood infusion, as well as power injection, and central venous pressure monitoring
  • Many Configurations -
    4 and 5 Fr. Single-Lumen, 5 and 6 Fr. Dual-Lumen, 5 and 6 Fr. Triple-Lumen
  • Variety of Placement Technologies -
    Nursing - preloaded Sherlock* and non-Sherlock* stylets (Available in Maximal Barrier, full and basic tray configurations)
    Interventional Radiology - allows for over-the-guidewire placement
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